1. Install SteamCMD



2. Install Action Source Dedicated Server

(Make sure the Steam Account you use for your setup owns Action: Source)

steamcmd +@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 +login {YOUR_STEAM_LOGIN} +app_update 985050

3. Run Action Source Dedicated Server

Linux: ./srcds_run -usercon -game ahl2 +ip {SERVER_IP} +map act_island +maxplayers 20 +exec server.cfg

Windows: srcds.exe -usercon -game ahl2 +ip {SERVER_IP} +map act_island +maxplayers 20 +exec server.cfg

Server Configuration Example:

// dedicated server default configuration settings

// server name

hostname "Action: Source -"

// server password

sv_password ""

// maximum players allowed in server

maxplayers 16

// only allow players on local network to join

sv_forcelan 0

sv_lan 0

//rcon password here!!!!!

rcon_password "RCON PASSWORD"

// ping master server list


// teamplay

mp_teamplay 0 // enable teams

mp_threeteams 0 // use three teams for teamplay

mp_friendlyfire 1 // allow friendly fire

mp_tkpunish 1 // punish team killers after 2 unforgiven team kills

// game modes

mp_instagib 0 // enable one hit kill ultimate gib mode

mp_allowctb 0 // allow "capture the briefcase" mode on supported maps

mp_allowdante 0 // allow "dante must die" mode on supported maps

mp_allowvip 0 // allow VIP mode on supported maps

mp_allowcustom 0 // allow map defined goal modes

// game rules

mp_timelimit 15 // amount of time, in minutes, played on each map

mp_fraglimit 0 // number of kills a player must get to win the match

mp_maxrounds 0 // in rounds mode, number of rounds to be played on each map

mp_playerlives 0 // number of lives each player gets per round (0 = deathmatch)

mp_roundtimelimit 5 // amount of time, in minutes, a round is allowed to last

mp_forcerespawn 0 // automatically respawn players without waiting for them to click

//bot_quota 5 // sets the number of server side bots that will join when a player(s) join the server

// loadouts and pickups

mp_forcerandom 0 // force players to spawn with random equipment

// 0: Players can choose loadout. 1: Each player gets different random loadout. 2: All players get the same random loadout

mp_allowequip 3 // restrict which equipment players can spawn with

// 0: Players spawn with nothing. 1: Side arms only. 2: Side arms and items only. 3: All equipment allowed

mp_allowpickup 3 // restrict which equipment can spawn on the map as pickups

// 0: No pickups spawn on map. 1: Side arms only. 2: Side arms and items only. 3: All equipment pickup types spawn on map.